Freezing gravy

I’m just wondering how well gravy freezes, does it lose flavor, texture and for how long? I have a large batch left over and hate to throw it out, but not ready to use it again so soon

I make meatpies to sell in our small store and freeze the gravy in ice cube trays (then transfer to freezer bags) and that way if a customer wants gravy for their pies they just take a cube or two home with them and microwave it with a tablespoon of water and it tastes like freshly made.

I freeze my gravy, and it’s just as good. Also you can use it in a soup, just water it down a little bit with additional broth (but the flavor it adds is great). Make pot pies, meat pies, serve over warm noodles or rice. Make a stogonaff. If it’s beef gravy serve it over a meatloaf.
Don’t waste it though, I am a gravy Lover:D It’s my favorite part of Thanksgiving

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