French Onion Soup Grilled Cheese

◦1 yellow onion
◦Pinch of thyme
◦Pinch of flour
◦Salt and pepper
◦3 ounces beef stock
◦½ ounce of sherry
◦¾ cup gruyere cheese
◦2 slices of bread


1.Get a pan and put a tablespoon of butter in it, on medium-low heat.
2.While you’re waiting for your pan to heat up, peel and evenly slice your onion, putting them in the pan once sliced.
3.Stir the onions to coat them in the butter, and continue stirring only as often as needed to avoid sticking or burning.
4.Your onions should begin to get that nice caramelized brown color after about a half an hour.
5.Once they have caramelized, sprinkle your onion with a pinch of flour and thyme, stirring to mix in.
6.Add your sherry, allowing it to reduce down and soak into the onions, then add in your beef stock and salt & pepper to taste, allowing to reduce as well.
7.Butter every side of your bread, pile with your onions and your shredded Gruyere cheese and fry both sides in a pan on medium heat until golden brown.

This is amazing! I was waiting for you to get to the part about pulling out the soup crocks. What a great new & adult way for grilled cheese. Thanks.