Fried chicken wings with green and red pepper

material: & nbsp; Eight chicken wings, one green pepper, one red pepper, one large piece of ginger, one piece of scallion, a little oil, a little cooking wine, a little soy sauce, a little raw smoke, a little salt, half a cup of hot water

preparation method

  1. material ready: chicken wings, green pepper, red pepper, scallion white, ginger, clean, if you use tender ginger, the taste is better.

![8 chicken wings change to a large plate in seconds, the drum bag is round and tender to taste

  1. chop chicken wings horizontally into two halves; The lower knife should be steady to prevent bone residue;

  2. scallion is cut obliquely into sections and ginger is cut into thin sections;

  3. remove seeds from green and red peppers and cut into slightly larger hob pieces;

  4. pour a little oil into the frying pan, warm the oil, put chicken wings, scallion slices and ginger slices into the pan, and, stir-fry with medium heat until chicken wings are slightly bulged and have slightly brown edges.
    [ 8 chicken wings change into a large plate in seconds, the drum sac is round and tender to taste ]

  5. pour half a cup of hot water, cover the lid, and stew for 3-5 minutes on medium and small heat; You can also stir-fry a small amount of water many times;

  6. pour proper amount of soy sauce, raw soy sauce and salt, stir-fry for a few times, pour into green and red pepper pieces, mix well and get out of the pot.

  7. the dosage of all materials is adjusted according to the edible quantity;

  8. chop chicken wings in half, the cut surface is easier to taste and cooked faster than the whole chicken wings;

  9. the amount of ginger should be more, if tender ginger is used, the taste will be more fragrant.

  10. if the amount of oil is large enough, you can stir-fry it directly without stewing it in half a cup of water. If the amount of oil is small, therefore, pouring half a cup of water and stewing for 3-5 minutes can make the chicken wings smooth and tender to taste, or pour a small amount of water for many times and stir-fry continuously.