Fried eggs and chorizo

I am just salivating. I cannot avoid it. One of the easiest recipes for today. Fried Eggs and Chorizo. Not for every day but let’t make it today.


Fresh eggs
Some extra virgin olive oil
Salt to taste
Some freshly ground black pepper (optional)
Some good Spanish chorizo
A pinch of dried parsley (optional)
Some good bread

It is not difficult to fry eggs. The eggs must be really fresh. That is very important.
First, heat some olive oil in a frying pan. Once it is hot, quite hot, cook the eggs one at a time. Crack an egg and add it to the frying pan. Let it cook for a while. From time to time take some oil from the frying pan and pour it over the egg. That will make our fried eggs fantastic. Add some salt to taste. And some pepper and parsley if you want.
At the same time we can prepare the chorizo. Just slice it and heat a bit in a pan.
We only have to serve our eggs. Pour some of the chorizo oil over the eggs if you want. Serve the eggs with the chorizo and some bread. Enjoy!