Fried Green Tomatoes

Fried Green Tomatoes

Take 4 Or 5 Good-size Hard Green Tomatoes And Trim Ends Off.

Slice Tomatoes Thickly, About Half An Inch Thick.

Put Couple Drops Hot Sauce On Each Slice And Rub In Gently.

In Plastic Bag, Mix Together Three Tablespoons Of All-purpose Flour, Three Tablespoons Corn Meal, Salt And Freshly Ground Pepper, A Little Garlic Powder, Onion Powder And Cayenne Pepper To Taste.

Shake All Up And Add Tomato Slices, Shaking To Coat Well.

Heat Bacon Fat Or Cooking Oil In A Large Heavy Skillet Over Medium-high Heat, About A Quarter To A Half Inch Deep. When Hot, Add Tomato Slices Carefully, Taking Care Not To Over-crowd The Pan. Turn Them Over Gently After A Couple Minutes And Cook The Other Side, So They Are Golden Brown. Remove Slices And Drain On Paper Towels Or A Paper Bag.

At The Table, Add More Hot Sauce To Your Own Taste.

Serves 4 As A Side Dish.