Garbage Eggs

Well…this is a questionable amount of additives for this recipe, but a friend of mine came to visit and at the end of our long week of cooking he salvaged our left overs as such:

9 eggs
Whatever you have leftover from meals (doesn’t matter pasta with tomato sauce, pork with fennel, chicken cordon bleu…)

Base a 9" pie plate or larger dish with "old (or new) baked potatoes, sliced. Add your leftovers. Beat nine eggs. Add to egg mixture, basil, garlic power, onion powder, (or frest minced onions), salt and pepper to taste and 8 oz (or more) of cheese (your choice; cheddar works well, or any old cheese in the 'frig.). Pour over leftovers and potatoes. Cook at 350 degrees F for 60 minutes (uncovered).

You’ll be amazed.