Getting back into REAL FOOD..

I am getting back into real cooking after being Lazy for the last few years…I prepare meals for five people daily…age 6 to age 62…I always believed in REAL FOOD…I am not into prepared stuff…boxes…cans…etc…the cost of FRESH caused me to get away from REAL FOOD…
Now, I want to get back to Cooking…not…Heating …food. I am really looking forward to being here and hope being on this forum will get me all excited again about food.

Glad you found us! Eating homemade is much healthier!

We hope you enjoy our site as much as we do!

Welcome aboard!


And if you shop smart, fresh is cheaper than packaged!

I have absolutely no qualms about using some commercially prepared foods since technology, transportation, and consumer demands have improved over the years, but you have to do your homework because not all foods are equal, including so-called organics.

Some frozen vegetables are better than what I’m able to get at my Farmers Market, but useless if they get freezer burn so I repackage and vacuum-seal everything that goes in to the freezer at home. It’s a great back up when foods are out of season at the market.