Gigi's cupcakes vanilla buttercream icing/frosting

Gigi’s cupcakes has the best vanilla buttercream frosting that they put on their “wedding cake” cupcakes. I have been trying to find/replicate the recipe and I cannot find it anywhere. Does anyone here know how to make that icing?


I think Gigi’s Wedding Cake cupcake uses a pastry chef’s type buttercream that starts with a cooked flour paste. When the clerk told me not to put them in the fridge that was my first clue because when you refrigerate that type icing it has the consistency of pure cold butter which isn’t at all as pleasant as it sounds. Out of the fridge is like eating a stick of butter in the package, but at room temperature the frosting is delicious. It isn’t ruined by refrigeration though. It can be refrigerated and then brought down to room temp to eat. Many pastry chefs and bakers have a version of that type frostings. There is one in the Cake Bible I have made and it was good. I like Bobby Flay’s version which he did on the “Throw Down” for Red Velvet Cake. Instead of a cream cheese frosting he did a flour paste type buttercream recipe and won the throw down. You can find that one online too. I think Gigi’s wedding cake frosting has salt in it too so to replicate it, I would try adding salt to Flay’s recipe or whichever one you try. I add salt to mine anyway but Flay does not. I just tried her cupcakes and coincidentally had a tub of Flay’s frosting in the fridge left over. The taste and consistency was almost indistinguishable to me. There might be something else special in her frosting - I don’t know but I couldn’t taste it. If you figure out the exact flavoring please share. It is delicious stuff and you can pile on a lot without it becoming overwhelming. I don’t care for her cream cheese frosting one little bit. Anyway I hope this was helpful. If you try it let me know.