Going Soy ( Diabetes )

Going Soy ( diabetes )

Some studies have shown that soy may be good for you. Soybeans contain compounds called isoflavones, which are plant hormones that may be helpful in fighting problems like osteoporosis, certain cancers, and hot flashes during menopause. But soy’s biggest benefit might be its ability to lower cholesterol. At least 38 studies have found that people with high cholesterol levels who ate soy protein instead of animal protein lowered their total cholesterol, triglycerides, and LDL. The HDL (“good”) cholesterol remained the same.

There are several ways to add soy to your diet. You can eat tofu, which is made from curdled soy milk. Tempeh is a formed cake made from fermented soybeans and has a firmer texture than tofu. Canned soybeans can be added to soups, stews, salads, etc. Soy milk makes great “smoothies.” Now that soy is becoming accepted as a healthy food, soy products can be found just about everywhere. A good way to try some soy products is to go to the deli section of a health food store and ask for samples. You can also learn more about soy foods and how to prepare them by getting a good vegetarian cookbook.

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