Good Morning!

Hi there,
Just wanted to introduce myself. Had to register again even tho I had been a member since 2010, but I can’t remember my log in.

I am KarenB, usually. Now KarenKay. I’m a 55+ Grammy to two boys and mom of 2 girls and one boy and a wife to my best friend, Scott.

Lived in the Pacific Northwest until 2001, when hubby and I got transferred to California. It was in 2004 I was placed on permanent medical leave and found a new love…Gardening and Cooking along with cooking shows, CHOPPED!

I prepare 3 meals a day and a dessert which lasts a few days. I love to can salsa and other foods I don’t need a pressure canner for.

I am active on Pinterest in that I have bunches of recipes pinned and always am looking for that perfect bite!

I look forward to reading and contributing to the forums, and learning more and more

Oh, and I am a “Coffee Queen” lol

Welcome aboard!

There is nothing like home cooking! I’m an old-fashioned cook - everything homemade - don’t believe in microwaves, pre-packaged foods, mixes, etc. so I make my own.

I firmly believe in using my great, great gram’s (and the others before them) crockpot for cooking - handed down from generation to generation - even before electricity or gas lines - it was a low oven! Yes I do use a crockpot from time to time for things - but a slow oven is better to me.

Feel free to share - we all love new things - and don’t be afraid to ask any questions - we all love to put our 2-cents in!

Grabba a cuppa and enjoy!

Kitchen Witch