Gravy Master BBQ Sauce

Has anyone “cracked the code” on Gravey Master? I think it could be used to make a great BBQ sauce or steak sauce but it only comes in those tiny bottles. I would like to make up enough to use as a base for other sauces.

Hi. “1/2 C. brown sugar”. What does “C.” Stand for? Apologies for the simple question.

Thanks, I will try that. I also see Hydrolized Soy and Corn protein, ACV,salt, onion,celery, parsley and garlic, listed in that order which I guess I could expiriement with to get the right quantities. What would be a substitute for the Hydrolized soy…would soy sauce work here?

Thanks for that, I just wasn’t familiar with it as an ingredient. I fully agree with “keeping it natural”, and I wasn’t sure if this was an ingredient which, if ommitted, would effect the flavor…apparently it would be desirable to omit it!
Thanks so much for your input!