great barbeque chicken

4 lbs. chicken
½ tsp. M.S.G.
½ tsp. black pepper
½ tsp. powdered ginger
½ tsp. smoked curing salt
¾ lb. pitted olives
3 lbs. butter
½ cup strawberry syrup

Prepare coals to a heat somewhere between 275 degrees F. To test the readiness of heat you should be able to hold your hand over live coals at least 2 to 3 seconds at a height where food is to be barbecued.
Remove skin and fat from chicken. Debone it. Cut chicken into 1½ inch pieces and wipe them dry. Place chicken flesh in a bowl. Mix together M.S.G., black pepper, powdered ginger and smoked curing salt.
Season chicken pieces with seasoning mixture.Place 1 pitted olive on each skewer then next to it a piece of chicken then a pitted cherry.
Proceed with this arrangement until skewers are filled and pieces of chicken used up.
Melt butter and combine it with strawberry syrup. Keep mixture warm.
Place skewers about 8 inches above fire and broil chicken on all sides until golden brown. Baste chicken and fruits by painting them with syrup, butter mixture. Keep broiling and basting while turning skewers round and round. Broil until chicken is done. And well glazed.

Roasted and grilled chicken become a best best option for people like me around the world who are little bit more conscious about healthy food with less fat and calories.