great resturants

My husband and I haven’t traveled to far west of Virginia, but the places we love to return to because of their buety and food are Charleston S.C. and the Florida Keys.
Their is not one place in Charleston that we have eaten where we didn’t enjoy our food. Their is a Irish pub near Market Street that has great rueben sandwhichs and great selection of beers. We have eaten in California Dreaming, Bubba Shrimp, Diana’s, to name a few and nowhere has the food been bad.In the Keys the water is beautiful and the the atmosphere is great and the food is tops. The fish is the freashest I have ever had and served in so many different ways that you could go to one place every night on your stay and enjoy a different meal and never be bored. If you ever go try the Islamorada Fish Market there fish is great and at night they feed the nurse sharks with fish scrapes and it is quite a sight. They have also opened up a place in Myrtle Beach S.C. Try Lorilies, they have great stuffed french toast for breakfast great sandwhichs and entertain every night , the No Name Pub has a great fried fish sandwhich which I couldnt even fisnish and then there is Snappers . As you can tell good food is a big part of our vacations.