Greek cabbage-carrot salad


300 g cabbage
200 g carrots
juice of one lemon
5 tbsp of olive oil
salt and black pepper to taste
a handful of dried black olives

Cut cabbage in very thin stripes, slice carrots, add lemon juice, salt and
pepper and mash, best by hand, add olive oil and olives, mix, put in a nice
bowl and serve with a slice of dark bread or two, best though with the
typical Cretan rusk.

This salad is very simple and rural but I love it and hope some of you might
enjoy it too.

sounds interesting, but what do you mean by mash - how do you mash cabbage? or do you mean mash the carrots then add the cabbage strips?

Wow sounds yummy! Will give it a try today!

Hi Qazwsxed,
Healthy and tasty looking Greek cabbage carrot salad and good for health and eyes so will definitely try Greek cabbage carrot salad and will share my reviews with you.

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This is a wonderful salad which we often make and like very much. Thanks for mentioning my cabbage salad with the nuts which is far better than it looks in the picture. When I started blogging I added my favourite recipes first and no one really saw them as I it took quite a long time to get some readers on the blog.