green beans and new potatoes

I have a couple of recipes for southern green beans and new potatoes using bacon or ham hocks, etc. - both great. My question is - has anyone ever made this dish in advance and then reheated with any success? Will the potatoes and beans turn to mush? Would like to prepare the stuff, leave for church, and eat soon after coming home about three hours later.

I make this pretty often and don’t have a problem with them getting mushy. Don’t cut the potatoes too small, or if small enough, leave whole. I use raw bacon as well as chuncks of ham and carrots. I cook them down for a couple-few hours anyway, so why not have them prepared and in the pot and just cook them when you get home from church. If no room on the stove (I have that problem, stove going out) crock pot would be my 2nd choice.