This is the chest muscle of the steer, and if ever there was a meat
designed for low and slow cooking this is it. The cut of meat has
2 parts…the flat and the point. The flat is what you would make
corned beef with (you see it pre-packaged in the meat dept.) and
the point is used to make pulled beef sadwiches and chili. Matter
of fact if you ever mess one of these up (I have many times!!) you
can use to make chili!

You can either do a whole brisket (both parts) or just the flat…be
sure you DO NOT buy the stuff used for corning!!

Brisket comes with a very thick “fat cap” and you must leave this
on! Don’t let the butcher trim that off…it will help to keep the meat

Try the Dr. Pepper marinade and soak overnight…

Dr. Pepper Marinade for Brisket:

1 C. Dr. Pepper (NOT diet)
1/4 C. dark soy sauce
1/4 C. lime juice
1 1/2 C. oil
1 tsp. hot sauce

Mix all and marinate beef overnight.

Then I use a beef rub and lay it on heavy the next day and let it
sit for a couple hours…

Buckin’ Beef Rub:
1 3/8 C. chili powder
1 T. cayenne pepper
2 T. pepper
4 T. garlic powder
Combine and store.
OK, on to the cooking!

I smoke this at 225º…or you can do indirect on the grill. It will take
about 1 1/2 hours per pound…give or take. You want to shoot for
an internal temp of 188ºF…any lower and it will be too tough…
any higher and it will become a roast!

For in the oven, set up your oven as you would do per my rib
instructions. I suggest you do a higher heat, probably around
275ºF, but not too much higher, and cook for about 1 hour per

Test for doneness…insert a thermometer and if it goes in easy,
it is done…or…flake with a fork.

B-man :wink: