H.J.'s Pork and Chicken with Green Chili Sauce

Chicken & Pork Meat with Green Chili Sauce H.J.s
All in the Pressure Cooker
2 large chicken breasts no skin
huge piece of pork
1 large can chicken broth
3 Table. of cumin
2 large onion…cut up
1 large can of Black olives… drained …chopped
1 - 4oz. can Green Chilies or 4 fresh …chopped …no stem .
or 1-2 jalapeno chopped fine
½ handfulFresh cilantros if you have . …
1 can of Hatch green chili sauce. . . makes it richer tasting
1 to 3 Romano tomatoes …chopped or use 1 can Hunts 15 oz petetie cut
No water. Pressure cook all for 72 minutes

I f need to thicken more use masa or flour or just cook down
De-bone and
Shred all meat mix with the broth and add some Mexican mixed cheese H.J. :wink:

Meat for  Burritto's or over rice drain broth and put over Salad         whatever creation you can think of