Halloween Poke Cake

Halloween Poke Cake

1 pkg (2 layer size) white cake mix
1 cup boiling water
1 pkg (4 serving size) orange flavor gelatin
1/2 cup cold water
8 oz whipped topping
Halloween sprinkles

Heat oven to 350.

Prepare and bake cake in 9x13" cake pan as directed on the cake mix package. Cool in pan for 15 minutes. Poke holes in cake with a large fork at about 1/2"intervals.

Stir boiling water into gelatin about 2 minutes, or until well dissolved. Stir in cold water. Carefully pour over cake.
Refrigerate at least 3 hours or until ready to serve. Tint whipped topping with orange food coloring and add 1 teaspoon orange
flavoring. Frost cake with this. Refrigerate about 1 hour or until ready to serve.

To serve, decorate top with Halloween sprinkles. Store leftover cake in refrigerator.

Makes 12 servings.