How do you make yours?

Do you start with prepackaged & shaped burgers
Do you shape & form your own from ground meat?

Personally, we don’t like what is referred to here as ‘pre-fab’ burgers. It’s always make & shape our own.

How do you prepare yours???

A few years ago I have tried the pre-fab burgers and was very disappointed. Now I form my own.

2 lb Ground Chuck/ Sirloin
2 crust of bread
1 small potatoe Grated of diced very fine
1 egg
1/8 Tsp GArlic Powder
1/8 Tsp Lowrey’s Season Salt
1/4 Tbls Worchestershire

Place Bread crust in food Processor and spin to make crumbs. Add Garlic and Season salt to crumbs. In zip bag add egg to ground beef and add crumb mixture. Close bag and mash around to mix well without getting hands messy. Chill until time to cook then form into patties and mash as flat as possable, they will plump like a Ballpark Frank as they cook. Place on bread or bun with Lettuce, Tomatoe,Onion slice, Cheese, Bacon and any other thing you may like for a good sandwich