Have A Pen Pal Section

For five years I corresponded daily with a lady from Pennsylvania who became my pen pal from a food newsletter until her death last winter. The newsletter no longer exists as it was. This newsletter had a section that if one wanted to have a pen pal you submitted your email address, name, age. years married, married or singleand hobby, AND your family’s favorite recipe. Then one could pick out the person that matched them in age or hobby, etc.
I treasured that lady. I never met her but we exchanged pictures. I knew her heart and soul and she mine. I would dearly love to find another pen pal to replace her. She would email me on every doctors visit and actually right up until she sent her last emails. I believe it is an experience that everyone should have. I learned not to judge on looks or material wealth, but who she was inside. Ofcourse, I loved the recipes she would send. She taught me how to use the Internet as well.

That’s a good suggestion. However, I don’t really have the resources to manage a pen pal network at this time.

I’m sure there are many people here who would like to have you as a pen pal. You can start by networking with the people on the forum.

Maybe we’ll start a post for people looking for a pen pal, but as I said, I’m not able to manage it.


I am new to this group but am enjoy looking at everything and hope to post some recipes as well as gain some wonderful insight from many wonderful cooks. I too would love to have a pen pal in case this should come up.
Thank you,

Welcome SarahWms!

I do hope you share some of your favorites with us here at RSN! We have a great family of cooks and there is always someone willing to help if you need anything! Just give a holler!

We hope you enjoy our site as much as we do!

Kitchen Witch

wow. that would be great to have a pen pal. I had one win I was a kid and loved it. I so looked forward to my relpies. Though pen pals were written letters to people back then, showing my age! I would love to start that. How can we do that?