Have recipes for smoker

I grill like most do, but I also do a lot of smoking. I have an old Weber grill I bought in 1975, and with a little patching it is still going. Sure don’t make stuff like they used to. I started with a charcoal smoker one Thanksgiving about 20+ years ago to smoke a turkey. My bother in law liked it so well he went and got himself one. Then I got a Brinkmann electric which I used for many years, and it still works. Last year I got a Masterbilt smoker that has remote control and I can operate it from my recliner. I can flip channels and cook at the same time. I have some recipes for smokers that will blow you away. I got tasty comments from my son, and that is a rarity because he thinks he can cook better than me. I even use my smoker to make prime rib. A friend of mine liked it so well he asked me to make him one. Smoking is so much better now that we have a big variety of wood chips. When I first started all you could get was hickory and mesquite. Now you can get apple, cherry, peach, pecan and the list goes on. I have gotten to the point I use pecan most of the time.

I also have a big barrel smoker that I use to BBQ hams. Indirect heat slow cooks and makes BBQ so tasty. I have a dynamite vinegar base recipe that my wife and I perfected. BTW most people here in SC chop it but the best BBQ must be pulled. I am orginally from TN where it was always pulled, and we did not use mustard sauce like here. I had never seen it chopped until I came here.

I was wondering if any of you would like some of these recipes, especially my favorites. I have one for pork tenderloin that my son loved (got the tasty comment) that will make your tongue flutter. I bet you thought I was going to type it would make you think your tongue was beating your brains out. LOL

Let me know your thoughts.

Consider the Masterbuilt. Online it costs $450, but I got mine at Sams for $299.

You would not regret it. I first thought about buying the basic model which was around $150. My wife said you will regret if you don’t get the deluxe model, and she is right we have bought the cheaper model of things before then I say darn I wished I had bought the better one. What I like about this one is it is 40" and the basic is 30", and it has a lot of stainless steel. It has a built in probe and 4 racks perfect for smoking jerky. It has the remote control which allows you to see the temp and adjust it, the probe temp and the timer. It takes a lot of work out of smoking. Nice.

Whatever smoker you get, make sure it’s airtight. If it leaks air, you can’t control the temperature, it will run too hot and dry out whatever it’s cooking. A remote thermometer for a smoker starts at about $ 30 to $ 40.

I’m always ready for new BBQ recipes, post 'em up.

Where I’m from it’s always BBQ season, this pic shows the outside air temp before I fired up the smoker on Super Bowl Sunday

Agreed I love BBQ also, and I cook whenever the mood strikes. I did beef and venison jerky today, and it is outstanding.
Temp here is 46. Please don’t send any of that snow my way. We don’t get much here but when we do there is always
a lot of accidents because most people don’t have a clue how to drive in it. As far as winter is concerned I will be planting my lettuce and green peas next month.

I live in the good ole south where southern cooking is supreme. I moved from TN and that is where I learned to drive in the snow.
My home now is in a little town outside Columbia, SC. We also have a log cabin about 8 miles from Pigeon Forge, TN, and we go
there once a month. I still got some hillbilly/ridgerunner in me.

Correct I will have string beans in June.