Healthy Ethnic Eating (Heart Health)

Healthy Ethnic Eating (Heart Health)

If you want to eat healthy and still have lots of different choices, take a taste adventure with ethnic foods. Many ethnic foods are low in calories and fat, and they taste delicious. Here’s a sample of healthy food choices and the terms to look for when making your selection:


Jum (poached)
Kow (roasted)
Shu (barbecued)
Steamed rice
Dishes without MSG added


Red sauces
Primavera (no cream)
Piccata (lemon)
Sun-dried tomatoes
Crushed tomatoes
Lightly sauteed


Spicy chicken
Rice & black beans
Salsa or Picante
Soft corn tortillas

These are just three of the many enticing cuisines from around the world, so don’t stop your taste adventure here. You can eat well no matter where you dine! Just look for the healthy items on the menu.

B-man :wink: