Heather, the Newbie :-)

Hi all,

Just want to introduce myself…my name is Heather and I just joined up.

I’m a crazy cartoonist from Montreal, Quebec, Canada who just loves to make my own chocolates. Talk about diverse: I also love to do ballroom dancing, website design, work out, create personalized cartoons, do crafts and fine arts, take care of my two budgies and run after my husband (not necessarily in that order :slight_smile:

I love making chocolate so much and have had so many compliments that I decided to put together a section of my website devoted on how to make homemade chocolates along with a bunch of yummy recipes:

I also produce two ezines, one is called On A Whim, you can sign up for it on my main page:
and the other ezine is entitled Dancing On Air; if you love ballroom dancing (to work off all those chocolates you just made!), I’d love to have you visit:

I’m also having fun putting together another website entirely devoted to weddings. It’s not quite finished yet, but here’s a peak:

I’d love to hear from some (all) of you - let’s chat about the above or … whatever! - thanks for lending me your ears…

Have a sunny day,