hello all my fellow cooks

I am a 60 year old Grandma who loves to make new dishes. My favorite time of the year is right now in the Fall with the crisp cool air and the smell of a simmering stew pot in the air. I am always on the look out for something new to serve my family and friends.

To all of the cooks out there. I am new to this but look forward to many great exchanges. As fall is here I am laying in a supply of hardwoods and fruit woods for the fireplace and the smoker. I love to BBQ and favorite winter activity is to shovel the snow off of the deck and invite friends by for a summer style BBQ.

Once again this is new to me but I look forward to many exchanges. I love to smoke and grill foods as well as traditional stuff fall allows me to prepare for the snow shoveling off the deck and acting like it is Mid July.