Hello from Oklahoma and my GCQ!

Hi Folks,

Let me introduce myself. I’m a middle aged father of two (out of the house) kids who enjoys a lot of things. From my name some of you will know that I am a fan of Jimmy Buffett and his music.

I enjoy just about any type of cooking especially when it involves friends and family. I was raised in a family blessed with lots of good cooks and as a kid ate many fine meals at church socials that often included wild game. I hunt pigs as a pastime and have made lots of good tamales and BBQ out of them.

As a child I helped my Grandmother make chocolate chip cookies. These were amazing cookies and I have tried for years to duplicate them. That is what is know in my family as the Great Cookie Quest, or GCQ.

Let me describe these cookies for you and maybe you can enlighten me as to what I need to be doing differently.

I will post a GCQ topic in the appropriate forum so that it might get more exposure. Please feel free to contribute.

Best wishes,

Nice to see another Okie on here! I am from OKC also. What did your Grandmother’s cookies have in them, or taste like? I have some old family recipes.