Hello from the Georgia Coast

Hi all,
I just recently discovered the secret recipe site and am thrilled. Have ordered everything I could LOL.
I live on the coast of Georgia in a little shrimping village called Darien. However, I dont seem to be here much. My job requires me to work all over the country so have been exposed to many types of foods. This is one of the reasons I do this type of work LOL. I work in laboritories across the country in pathology. My official title is histologist, but few people know what that is so I just say I work in Pathology.
Have only been able to cook the Red Lobster for Crab Au graten but it was very good.
I know there is some place on this forum to ask about a recipe but dont know where. I remember reading somewhere that I should post a recipe before asking for one. I dont really have anything from a restaurant but have a wonderful one for candied pecans and pumpkin cake roll which I would love to share if someone would let me know that this is ok and where I post them. But I do want to go ahead and ask my question. I really dont expect to get a response but no response would be a response, cause would mean that Im the only one that remembers and there is no way for me to recreate what I want LOL
Anyway, when I was a kid in Dayton, Ohio we use to go to a place called Parkmore’s. I have been away from Ohio for 50 years but still remember the taste of the sauce on the parkmore jumbo double burger (mid 50,s) I checked online but the restaurant chain seems to be defunked.
I was wondering if you knew of anyone who might remember this place and if so could anyone figure out how they made the sauce for the Parkmore Jumbo Double Burger. Im pretty sure this ain’t happening but had to try. The taste is going to haunt me to my grave lol

Guess thats it for now. If someone could let me know where to post my recipes (as I am not use to using forums) I would appreciate that and any help I could get on the burger sauce.

Talk to you again soon,

Hi Kelpie,
I’m brand new also & I haven’t used forums either! But the idea of finding really good recipes really appeals to me. I will be asking many of the same questions you do on how to navigate through here. Best of luck!