hello pizza lovers

Hello everyone,

I’m brand new, having just purchased the book, America’s Most Wanted Recipes, and discovered this website. As my user name suggests, I love a good pizza, and my absolute favorite is from a Restaurant/Tavern in Mahwah, New Jersey called Kinchley’s. If anyone has ever tasted their pizza, one has made it halfway to heaven. Does anyone have any idea as to the secret recipe for their pizza? I am interested in any and all ideas. Thank you.


I love pizza but I’ve never tried to make one.

Ok this is my first post here; however one thing that I have found after looking for the perfect crust that is thin but sweet was to add honey….and I thought yes this is it…no different than adding honey to butter for your cob corn – out of this world

To make the best pizza you need a pizza stone. You set the oven at 500 deg. for about 20 min, then put the pizza in (any kind of pizza you want) and let cook for about 5 min. and that is how I make my pizza and every one who has tasted them say they are great

this is my first time as well and I can’t wait to try out the pizza ideas. I am a addicted recipe collector.

hello everyone…im new here…i love pizza and i’ve always wanted to have a recipe for pizza… can anyone give me the recipe/ingredients for the dough as well as for the pizza sauce…thank u… im from philippines…

Thanks Kitchen Witch
I also love pizza.
New poster and love this site