Not new to the site, but finally got the nerve to post an introduction. I read much more than I write, so forgive the delay in posting. We need a SHY smiley face…how about one with a baseball cap covering the eyes!

I was raised all over in the military. Being familiar with many different types of cooking I soon realized IF I didn’t learn to cook I would starve!!!

Both parents were gourmet cooks, but I was only allowed in the kitchen to do the dishes. Sadly, I learned after marriage that all those food dishes did not come out of cans. Almost starved to death for a couple of years learning how to cook! AND ate many meals at midnight.

Now, retired, I can cook, shop, wash dishes, etc. WHENEVER I want!!!

Love to eat, so learned to cook while raising kids. Now, I cook whenever I get bored or see an ingredient on sale.