Hello from the Big Apple! Thought I would post an intro on me… I’m not really a chef. Just wanted to see if there was a pseudo TGIF sweet potatoes fries recipe here. Lovely forum… some great recipes to try out. Will be back soon to read thru here. Got to go now and fix supper. Need to do more research. Buh Bye!


WELCOME to the table, pull up a chair and enjoy…and just to let ya know, ‘‘we are all Chef’s in our own right’’:stuck_out_tongue: well, maybe not alllllll of us;)

Hello WanderingChef, I hail originally from Long Island about 30 miles from Ground Zero. Am sure that you will find many great recipes here. I sure have and in a short time. Welcome to a very friendly place.

Hello from UK. Yes it is a good site. It’s a good place to be able to ask those strange questions about cooking that you might usually feel a little embarrassed about asking.