I haven’t been on this forum in a long time, so am happy to be here again.

I have looked and looked for an old recipe I had which was an absolutely scrumptious blue cheese dressing. It was attributed to Chart House and was made with whipping cream. I believe I got it off the very old AOL cooking boards.

Regardless, I cannot find my recipe and want to make this dressing. I have googled and all of the dressing recipes I can find that are attributed to the Chart House are made with sour cream.

Does anyone have the old recipe that is made with whipping cream. If so, will you please share. My taste buds are crying out for that wonderful taste.


Thank you, Kitchen Witch. Although none of these are the recipe I used, I will try them. The one I used, you actually whipped the whipping cream.

Thanks again, Kitchen Witch. While none of these are the recipe I remember, I can work with them and come up with something that pleases us.