help guys!!!

Does anyone here know how to cook the KFC original chicken?Anybody here that knows the recipe?Please help me…thats my boyfriends favorite so instead of buying at KFC…I might as well impress him right?Thanks and God speed! :slight_smile:

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Kitchen Witch

Hi and welcome,
Mr. (Ron) Douglas, the owner/administrator of this site has a book that you simply must have to get as an authentic KFC recipe that you will ever find. It is by far the closest thing we have ever had to the real thing. My family and friends are crazy about it and request it often. It is much less espensive to make it than buy and tastes just as good if not better.
I rec’d one for my birthday and wouldn’t take anything for it. I am thinking of buying some more for Christmas gifts. I believe you can purchase it from this site. It is well worth the price if you use no other recipe (but trust me, you will) than the one for KFC.