Help Perfect My Steak

Hi All
I am totally new to this forum but love every bit of what I have read and learned so far.

I am really excited to try many of the recipe’s listed on this forum.

Right now I am trying to make the perfect steak (Specially to thrill my wife). I have had some superb steak at many restaurants and I guess trying to clone them wont be entirely possible for me as many of those restaurants buy best cut steak and age they steak to bring out the best of flavors.

Well I really haven’t tried that method just yet.

I know that restaurants have many high tech utensils and equipment that cost a lot of money which many of us don’t have at home so I am hoping that I could give you guys a more or less idea of what utensils, oven and everything else I have in my home so you could point me into the right direction to creating the perfect steak.

Here goes.

  1. Firstly the oven I have is a Conventional oven. It has a Broiler Element which works with a thermostat, so once the oven reaches a certain temp, the Broiler Element turns itself off and once it goes below that temp the Broiler turns itself back on again. My oven goes right up to 230 Degrees C on bake mode.

  2. The only real tray that I have that came with the oven is those heavy black oven trays.

  3. I also have a food thermometer. I thought this would be great to check the temp of the steak for the preferred doness.

That is all I can think of for now which which necessitates the main appliances needed to achieve my goal not forgetting the actual ingredients which shouldn’t be too much trouble to get my hands on.

My goal is as follows.

I would firstly like to use the method mentioned above whereby I would like to rub salt into my steak to make it a little more tender.

Secondly I like BBQ flavored steak with a slight hind of strong flavor like chillies or something alike. What I was thinking of doing is combining a whole lot of spices to create a BBQ rub which I would then rub into my steak . Alternative to the Spicy Rub would be a saucy marinade which I could leave the steak in for about 24 hours. (Any secret recipes you guys want to share for both of the above mentioned would be great). Also do advise me on which would bring out a greater tasting steak, The saucy marinade or spicy rub.

I would then grill my steak in my home oven using the broiler on the oven. Once the steak comes out the oven, I would like to brush the steak with a nice BBQ flavored marinade and serve it.

To achieve the above I need a step by step guide on doing this in my home oven using my oven pan. Also we like steak medium to welldone and I know right now most guys outhere are gonna be screaming NOOOOOOOO!!! but unfortunately we prefer the steak more the the side of well done but not extremely well done as we wouldn’t like to eat bubblegum for supper. I guess the use of a thermometer would help me achieve the perfect doness of the steak.

What sort of temp does no need to achieve to get the desired doness of the steak. Also I have never using my thermometer on steak before. Any tips on how one should go about doing so to get the most accurate results.

Looking forward to hearing from you’ll
Thanks again for everything


About the best technique I’ve found is something I learned from America’s Test Kitchen show on PBS. First bring the steak, if cold, to room temp by letting it sit out for 20 minutes. I then sear the steak on a stovetop, on both sides. Then I let it rest and come back to room temp, while the oven is heating. I stick in my temperature probe and put it in a 350 degree oven until it comes up to the medium rare temp, which is about 145 to 150 degrees. I take it out, cover it with tinfoil, and let it rest so the juices don’t come out when you cut into it. This has made my steaks tender and juicy. Can’t help with your seasoning - I just use kosher salt and pepper. Good luck!

Try using garlic salt next time. If you can get to an outside grill try medium-high heat and about 5 minutes on each side for a 1" thick steak after searing.

In addition to garlic salt, I like lemon pepper and plenty of it on steaks.

In addition to the above, or as a replacement for some of the condiments, you might like to try marinading your steak for about 15 minutes or so. The best commercial marinade I have used is Adolph’s Meat Marinade made by Lawry’s.


Here is what you need. With a conventional stove get you a grill pan something you can get hot and make some grill marks.
Steak of choice is RIBEYE!!! 3/4 to 1 inch thick
The secret ingredents are

  1. Seasoning salt
  2. Garlic powder
  3. Montreal Steak seasoning
    Trial and error on the amount you like as for me i’m very liberal with mine not so much #2 but 1 and 3 for sure.
    The only problem you will have is when you do go out will not measure up to yours. Oh yeah make sure Granny is not home when you make these because they will make you smack your Granny.LOL

After trying it, I cannot make steak at home without using this stuff anymore. Our whole family loves it, on nearly anything, for that matter. Based on your taste preferences you mentioned, you may want to give it a try:

I cooked for a living for awhile, and had a restaurant grill to use-but an outdoor grill is OK. Get it as hot as possible, and with a 1 to 1 1/2" grade A steak put it on the grill for 6-8 minutes-don’t touch it. I take it off and let the grill get hot as possible again, put it on the other side for 3-5 more minutes. The meat is charred a bit on each side, but striated from char on the surface- to done for a about a quarter inch, then bright pink the inner 3/4 inches. It is as good as it gets. We use a combo of ;pinch of garlic powder-small pinch, onion powder, pinch sugar(to carmalize the seasoning), and a bit of black cracked pepper. No salt as it pulls out the juices. The jucies that are in the plate that escaped during the reheat the grill process are a great au jour, and if you HAVE to have steak sauce- combine it with your favorite store bought sauce to give it that homemade flavor. The secret to steaks is a very hot grill, and leave it alone while cooking it. Turning ruins it all.

I know that you like BBQ sauce, but the following idea is tasty:
Ensure you get a good quality steak, if it’s good quality you honestly don’t have to mess around with it too much.
Big frying pan, heat up.
Season steak with salt and pepper, start to fry off in the pan, add onions and mushrooms, fry these in the steak juices, then add a lump of soft blue cheese Roquefort is ideal. This is the sauce for your steak. Heat it over a low heat until melted. Serve with salad or veg and a baked potato. It’s very simple but tasty.


You have all kinds of thoughts for cooking your perfect steak. You haven’t been back on here to tell us what you did, and how your steak turned out. We are waiting to hear from you again.

In our household, I do most of the cooking when we have company for dinner. When it comes to steaks I like T Bone, Rib Eye, New York, and if nothing else is available I’ll settle for Sirloin. I never use an oven, I always make use of one of our outdoor grills. Usually a Weber natural gas grill. I turn on all the burners on high, wait until the grill warms up to about 500 degrees, and put the steaks on for about 4 minutes per side, (for an inch thick steak). Before I begin to grill I bring the steak to room temperture, brush both sides with olive oil, then dust both sides with Montreal Steak seasoning. Let the steak sit wrapped in plastic wrap for about an hour before putting them on the grill, this gives the flavor of the steak seasoning a chance to soak into the meat. Personally I never cook a steak to a ‘well done’ condition, IMO that ruins a steak, drying it out and making it tough. Maybe my guests have always just been polite, but no one has ever complained their steak was not cooked enough.

Hey manic,
Your oven sounds kinda weird as to how it works…on broil the burner stays on all the time…that should get your oven to 500 degrees or so…if not then your thermostat thermocoupler might be bad…next dont marinade,rub and season all at once…best to pic one way only as to not have lots of different flavors conflicting with one another…like most here I just sprinkle granulated garlic and Montreal Steak seasoning on the steak or use the garlic and your own favorite rub and nothing else…for a 1" steak 5 to 8 mins per side for medium rare or for you maybe 10 mins per side…Porterhouse-T-Bone and Rib Eye are the best cuts…personally I like my meat chared a bit on the outside as it imparts a great flavor…some people dont like it that way so ask the guests for preferences…forget the thermometer except for big cuts of meat or roasts…learn how to cook steaks,chops and thin cuts by time and grill temps…I hardly ever use a thermometer as I have done this a lot by just using time and temps and it hasnt failed me yet…happy grilling

Here in canada wen temperature permits in the BBQ

for me the best is a Rib Eye, bring steak to temp pat dry brush olive oil on both sides fresh coarse ground black pepper and fresh coarse ground sea salt.
temp of the grill at max put Rib Eye 1" to 1 1\2" on the grill for 3 minutes then turn the steak clockwise 90 degrees for a nice diamond shape marks for another 3 minutes. repeat the process on the other side. remove from grill and let steak rest on a fine wire grill for 3 minutes . theres your perfect medium rare steak.

on the stovetop bring steak to temp pat dry fresh coarse ground black pepper and fresh coarse ground sea salt.
bring a skillet to medium high wen skillet is hot 2 tablespoons on olive oil and a tablespoon of butter sear steak for 4 minutes on each side tilt skillet and with a spoon take mixture of olive oil and butter and put on top of steak repeat process a few times. steaks are done if rare is desired.
meawhile heat oven at 350 if medium rare is desired…put skillet with steak in oven for and extra 4 minutes.

rest the steaks for 3 minutes before serving.


Hate to tell ya’s, but the steak ya’ get at your supermarket is seldom of the quality that restaurants have. All beef grades, have five subdivisions.
1 & 2 meat, is (by law in some states, and practise in others) only sold to restaurants. The ‘choice’ t-bone(rated 3-5) ya’ get at the supermarket, is not as good as the choice t-bone your restaurant has.
In fact, if the surplus of grades with 1 & 2 quality gets to great, it is exported to other countries, rather than allowing our supermarkets to sell it. This is done by our FDA, to help control beef prices, and thus to protect the restaurant industry.
But beyond all of that soap box of mine;
Charring beef, for me, is always the best. Whether electric char-broiler, hot coals, or a well heated cast-iron ribbed pan, nothing beats the flavor of a nice char.
As far as which herbs or seasoning~~~depends up my mood.

[b]I worked in the food industry, for a major food corporation, testing chicken, beef an pork for 18 years.
Mostly I not only ran the test on the food I was figuring percentages for the Nutritional Labeling that would go on food labels for the government…and I must say ‘‘Insanity’’ is correct in saying restaurants have a better grade of meat…because THEY DO GET THE BEST CUTS if they want them.
Although most restaurants order the best grade, I have to tell you, restaurants do have the option to order what they want…and depending on which restaurant, some order lousy meat and/or meat parts.
I tested most all restraunts (chains too) meats, veggies and desserts…etc. I did total nutritional testing…moisture, fats, sugars, carbs, chol, vitamins, minerals…etc. (the whole list).

After leaving that job I was the Chief Chef for a Senior Citizen Center, while also cooking for Meals on Wheels.