Help with Diabetic Food Gift Recipe

Hi, I’m looking for something to give as a gift over the holidays to my diabetic friends and family. Something that is candy, cookies, bread, nuts, etc, is easy to make and can be stored in a decorate tin or containter.

I’ve tried searching the web for diabetic recipes, but can’t find things that fit the above, plus with reviews. I’m not used to eating “sugar free” stuff so to me it all tastes weird!

Thank you in advance,

Diabetes is caused due to insufficient production of insulin. It affects the metabolism of carbohydrates, fats and proteins. A major symptom of this disease is increased sugar levels. Most diabetics are advised to eat a low sugar diet. Before presenting a diabetic person with a food gift.

Good Morning,

If you can find the sugarfree Jelly Bellies (jelly beans) they are good. Any kind of candy that has Splenda in it isn’t bad. There is a sugarfree cookie I believe the brand is Murray, their shortbread cookie and their lemon one is very good (found in the grocery store). Have a great day!!!