Help with the order in which ingredients go in for stir fry

Hello all experts.

Trying to cook a stirfry so I was wondering in which order do I put the following ingredients in the pan…??

And how long in between one another should they go in…???

[/li][li]Frozen Peas
[/li][li]Green Chilies

Any help will be greatly appreciated.


And keep in mind, when doing a stir fry, you merely want to get the veggies hot, but still crisp and somewhat raw. Not overly soft.

Smoking hot pan.
Put oil in.
Add spices.
Add veggies.

Just make sure veggies are roughly cut to the same size so they cook evenly.

Everything should be done in dusted in minutes.

Personally I like the vegetables fully cook through and a bit soft. So although it is a stir-fry dish, I will put in carrot, zucchini, green peas and onions first. Then right before remove from pan, I will add in some broth and simmer for few minutes, so the vegetables will a bit soft and fully cooked.:smiley: