Hey There!

I can’t believe I found this MB. I was listening to our local news this a.m. and they had a segment about Sister Schubert and some kind of function going on sometime this week in Orangeburg, SC. They mentioned a website and loving Sister Schubert rolls like I do, I had to check it out. I was so thrilled to see there was this message board!
I’m so looking forward to “meeting” and posting with y’all. I dearly love to cook, but it’s just me most of the time, so my cooking has taken a back seat. Every now and then I cook a big meal and send lots of leftovers to my DD’s house. She and my SIL love to get leftovers. DS lives with me, but he is out more than in, lol, and is a junk food junkie for sure.

Hope everyone has a good evening!

Welcome! I found this site a couple of days ago as well and everyone is just as friendly as can be!

Look forward to sharing some recipes with you!

Thank you! I really look forward to sharing recipes.

Thank you, KW!