Hi all ~ I have a question about posting

I’m new here. I just stumbled upon this site, and liked what I saw, so I registered. I am wondering if there might be a reason why I am allowed to post a new post in certain forums, but not in others?

I’d appreciate any help anyone could give me. Thanks!


Just want to clarify … I’m told I can post new threads in some of the forums, and in others, I’m told I’m not allowed to post new threads.



Ohhh… does that mean that certain of the forums, only the moderators can start the threads? Because it happened to be that it was the Dessert forum, that was one of them that when I clicked on New Thread, I got message that said I did not have access to that page. I went back to look, and noticed that each thread was started by who I assume are the moderators.

There are other forums that give me the same message “you do not have access to this page for the following reasons …” when I click on “New Thread”

I guess I will get to know them all as I spend more time here. = ] Thanks for your reply!