Hi Everyone

I’d like to make my first thread by introducing myself. My name is JB and live in upstate NY. Let me begin by saying I’m so glad I found this site but must forwarn everyone my computer skills are non exhistant. I’m an avid organic gardener who loves to cook and can. I’m heavily involved with our local community garden which grows food for local food pantries and organizations. I’m really looking forward to sharing new recipes and cooking tips. Thanks, for having me.

Thanks KW, the only problem I see with this board thus far is that I’m not going to get anything accomplished around the house. lol I’m on a private Buffalo Bills board similaer to this so it’s kinda set up the same. I see that you seem to be kind of a prominant name here so I’ll prolly be asking alot of ??'s.
To expand a little about myself, I’m disabled. I have had 2 disc surgeries on my neck and may have to have a major 3rd on my lower back. I used to work 6 days a week so having all this time on my hands is really driving me insane. I’ve had to pull back on the gardening etc. I recently started a small food concession just to do a handful of local festivals and am searching for some “country homestyle food concession type” recipes. Some of the festivals are like a Strawberry, Pumpking, Apple etc. Kind of theme like so to speak. So any ideas etc anyone may have would be greatly appreciated.Looking for some fall soups. BTW KW, with fall approaching I already checked out your chili recipe. Looks delicious and can’t wait to try. Have one similar I just tried but was missing something. I LOVE lots of flavor.
I try to use the freshest ingredients possible. A lot of seasonal type dishes. My cooking philosophy is quick, easy and cheap. My heritage is mostly on the PA Dutch side. I absolutely am addicted to all sorts of canned goods, especially pickles and relishes. I have some delicious canning recipes but always am looking for more. Anyone feel free to ask about anything(recipe) I have. I love to try new ones with someones personal takes and suggestions.
I am so looking forward to being a part of this board. God Bless You All! JB