Hi from Nova Scotia

Hi all. Debbie here from Nova Scotia, Canada. I don’t want to get banished from the site but can someone tell me if we are allowed to sell Church cookbooks in this forum? Our church recently published its first ever cookbook. All the recipes have been taste tested and cover a wide spectrum. But before I go any further, I’m wondering if someone can answer my query. Thanks,:slight_smile:

Thanks for your prompt reply. Do you have any suggestions where we might be able to sell them on the web? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


hi Kitchen Witch et all.

Had the thrill of riding the Tidal bore in the bay of Fundy Nova Scotia.

i love new recipes; hope to learn some new techniques. i am particularly interested in ways to keep things moist and juicy on the grill.

Thanks Kitchen Witch. I’ll pursue that avenue :wink: