Hi ~ I don't have a clue what I'm doing!

I am known as julismom, but you may address me as Marcia, I do still answer to that occasionally. I am physically limited by diabetic complications, so I may have my Juli type for me sometimes. I hope to afford a voice command typing program soon. My diabetic neuropathy makes using my hands (and feet) difficult most days. I love to eat. Thus, I have problems controlling my diabetes. I am hoping to locate some long reminisced recipes, one of which may even be extinct like the dinosaur I am. I am hoping to find copycat recipes for Long John Silver’s in the late 90’s for their chicken wrap that used a pinkish colored tortilla shell, that I now assume was a sun dried tomato one. The other recipe I long for I first experienced during an Avon convention in Florida in 1999/2000 at the Rainforest Cafe at Downtown Disney in Orlando. I lust after their chicken quesadillas. They used a thicker flatbread than a tortilla. Anyway back to me, I live with my husband Ralph, my Juli ~ the light of my life & 18 & all growed up, her shih tzu puppy Oreo, her Rosalie the Siamese princess, my Hannah also siamese, Spooky Mulder our black kitty we’re fighting over, and my late brother’s (he passed on Good Friday) kitty Katie. We also have goldfish in a tank, a full house for a mobile home. I am 49, had my Juli at age 30, and Ralph & I will have 20 years of SURVIVAL in September! Looking forward to getting to know you all & hopefully realinzing the dream of my recipe searches!:stuck_out_tongue:

I love to find new recipes from all over. But with Spring near and warm weather I’m looking fot pool side drinks. I use to love vodka and cranberry juice but I can’t have anything with cranberries in it because I’m on blood thiners. :frowning: So now I’m looking for refreshing drinks. Any help would be helpful. I don’t like sweet drinks… Help. Please. Hope everyone have a fun safe summer…
Grammie BJ:p