Hi there I am a newbie to this forum

My mother in law whom passed away around christmas time this year, used to make a dumpling to go with beef roast or stew, that had potatoes, and cream of wheat in them… they were very dense so I am assuming they contained quite a bit of cream of wheat…she called them farina dumplings… I know you mix the cream of wheat with the mashed potatoes, and you boil them in a huge pot of water until they come to the top…just don’t know how much cream of wheat to add… I am assuming this is an old German or polish thing.

cannot seem to find anything like this online any where…

has anyone heard of this before??? or is this just something she made

My aunt use to make potato gnocchi, and would add farina to it to keep them from falling apart in the boiling water. Of course, that usually only happens if your gnocchi recipe is off to begin with. Still, it worked for her, and they were great.
Sorry, don’t have her recipe, but I would think if ya’ look at how gnocchi is made, ya’ might be able to find some help. Perhaps even a recipe that does so.

Thank you Kitchen witch

this is very similar to what she made… I guess you call them potato dumplings…