Hi to all, and a recipe question...

Hello all! I’ve been enjoying Ron’s recipes for quite some time, and finally decided to join the forum!

I’ve been enjoying Pa’s Pickle Chips for many years, but recently, the quality has been dropping, while the price keeps climbing! Since I am capable of DIY projects, would anyone, by ANY miracle, know of the recipe for their pickles? They are a lemon-juice based pickle rather than vinegar, and are wonderful. Failing an authentic recipe for them, would anyone have a lemon-juice based pickle recipe? (Not lemon pickles…)

Thanks, and happy dining all!

I found this reference for a Lemon Juice Dill Pickle, but I don’t know if it is like yours.
Lemon Juice Dill Pickles

Unfortunately this seems to be an old-style recipe that contains no pasteurizing (canning) instructions for safe storage. If you made it I could only recommend it be stored in the refrigerator.