Home Décor: Use Feng Shui for Optimum Health

Home Décor: Use Feng Shui for Optimum Health
by Mary M. Alward

Feng means wind. Shui means water. For centuries, the Chinese have used the power of Feng Shui in their homes to promote well being and optimum health. Wind and water react to the changing of the moon, the motion of the earth and changing temperatures. Today, Feng Shui is used for modern living and has been adapted to promote good chi (energy.)

Because of limited living space, we sometimes are unable to avoid negative chi. However by moving furniture and experimenting, it’s possible to get the most positive flow of wind and water in our environment.

Let’s take a look at some things that will cause chi to flow more positively throughout your home:

Never allow shoes or boots to sit outside the door of your home. Keep the area clean and de-cluttered. The chi can bring sickness into your home if the area is dirty or has a lot of clutter in it.

Have a water source, such as a fountain or fish tank in your home. Chi will search for water in which to stay. If there is none, it will vanish in the wind.

There should be no mirrors in your bedroom. The importance of mirror placement is crucial in your home.

Keep television sets out of the bedroom. They will effect positive chi.

Place a water fountain in your home and face it toward the center of the house to attract the desires of your life.

Add a fish tank to the room in your house where you and your family spend the most time. Water gives the chi a place to stay and will bring good fortune into your home if placed correctly.

Never allow children to sleep on the floor. Chi should be able to flow freely under beds and throughout the room to keep children healthy.

Be certain not to place refrigerators, sinks or washing machines directly across the room from your stove. Fire and water are not compatible and this will cause negative chi in your kitchen, which leads to arguments and disagreements that will not be resolved.

Children should never sleep on bunk beds. The child on the bottom bunk will not receive fresh chi and this could affect his health. If bunk beds are a must because of space limitations, hang a crystal sphere or a wind chime with six metal chimes in his room. This will break up the stagnant chi around his bed.

When young children are doing homework or writing, it’s imperative that they have a solid wall at their back. This gives support and your child will study for longer periods of time without fidgeting or taking a break.

All beds should have a solid wall behind them. This allows for a deep, relaxing sleep because you will be supported during the night.

If you’re experiencing a lot of pressure at work, get rid of all marble items in your home. Wooden décor doesn’t add pressure, as wood is a living thing. Marble blocks positive chi.

If you have ceilings with exposed beams, make sure beds and tables are not directly under them. Beams cause the chi in your home to be under pressure and this will be absorbed by you and your family members.

Do not include a lot of red in your home decor. Red represents fire, which can bring obstacles, pressure and unrest into your home.

Open windows each day to allow fresh chi to flow through your home. This will bring fresh positivity into your environment and help you achieve optimum health.

Follow these guidelines when changing the décor in your home to achieve the best possible flow of Feng Shui for optimum health.

Mary Alward is a contributing writer for Online Discount Mart.