Homemade Dumplings

I use an old recipe for chicken and dumplings which consist of flour, eggs, milk and butter would like to know why my dumplings turn black? Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks, JuJu:confused:

I have never had dumplings turn black. What are you cooking them in? Water? Broth? Stew? What kind of pot?

Are you using an aluminum pan? Sometimes boiling things in aluminum pans can discolor the food. Boiling dumpings in an aluminum pan could cause them to get gray rings from the aluminum. Your food or water can be reacting with the aluminum. Maybe your tap water has minerals that are reacting with the food or pan.

My dumplings also turned dark… I have heard that it is has something to do with the heat being too high, making the broth boil too hard and the outside cooks too fast… I haven’t had time to try a lower heat yet though…