Hot Footlong Beans and Bacon Salad

Some years ago I planted some footlong beans in my garden, what I didn’t know was that they grew very fast and the next thing I knew they took over the whole garden. That was the first time I had ever planted beans of any kind. But the other veggies survived to. I came up with this recipe just to have something very different form the norm.

2 pounds fresh footlong beans, (fresh green beans can be substituted)
3 slices uncooked bacon, diced
1 medium sweet onion, (I use vidalia) peeled and diced
1/2 cup cider vinegar
Dusting of freshly ground black pepper

Wash the beans and string them if need be, cut into diagonal strips. Place beans in a medium saucepan ans fill with hot water, cover and boil just until tender. Remove from the heat and drain, cover to keep hot. In a skillet fry bacon until crisp, if there are more than 2 Tbsp. of fat in the saucepan pour enough out to leave 2 Tbsp. in the saucepan. Add onion, stir for a minute, then add vinegar and let mixture boil again. Pour vinegar mixture over the beans. Dust with black pepper and serve hot.