How do I put a recipe in here?


I am new here and have looked around and thinkit is a great idea. I have one problem. I have not been able to see where you add recipes and chat in the chat areas. Is there anyone that can help me. Thanks, Ladybug12, Karen


You have to log in to post a message or recipe. You simply click “New Topic” and you’ll be able to post.

However, there are some Forum categories (such as Ingredient of the Day, and Article Archive) which only the moderator can post a topic.

In the lower right hand corner of the page, the options that are available to you are displayed.

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Could you help me in how I go about copying a recipe without doing the whole shabam. I have done it before but now seem to have not been able to do it. thanks I love this place!!! Indiana Anna


I just left click and HOLD, scroll down the entire recipe (area will be highlighted), then right click and click on COPY. Then I go to my MS Word document and PASTE it. Voilà !

in the forum such as ingredients. you cant post a topic, but can add your recipes to the topics posted. you can also pm the moderator, and suggest an idea that you would like to see…

Happy Cooking