How do you know what recipes are good for your heart anyway

Low fat - High fat- low cholesterol - low sugar -high etc
seems to me one expert will stand up and say you should have more fat in your diet and that sugar and carbs are the cause of inflamation in your viens. Then another “expert” will come along and say the oposite, and they will both site different research to back them up.
One expert will point out that more people with low cholesterol die of heart attacks than those with high etc and that eating cholestorol is not an important factoer ect. I’m not sure if anyone really knows the answer so I say eat what you like in moderation and screw em unitil one day they just might learn how to do decent research done with common sense that you can trust.

I completely agree, eat whatever you like in moderation. That is what the late great Julia Child advocated and she lived to be 92.

I think more and more people are getting sick of being told things like - dont eat butter - switch to margerine - then fast forward a few years and then they say - oh a lot of the margerine is bad for you and actually butter is ok
of course all their advise is based on great research you know you can trust with your life :wink:

Yes I prefer foods that have been messed with the least so I always use butter instead of margarine made by mixing and treating a lot of different substances together. I do thy and use free range eggs and butter from grass fed cows.

A lot of foods are dependent upon the individual.
I’ve had 3 heart attacks, a 5 way bypass, and tons of other heart procedures. Its up to genetic makeup that makes some overly affected by certain things such as fats, cholesterols, tryglicerides, etc. For some, they’re a death decree, for others, they do no harm.
Heck, I’ve always smoked, like 2-3 packs/day, yet my lungs are clean as a whistle. Yet just say the word transfat, and I get chest pains.
Go figure…

Smoking does not only affect the lungs; it also affects the heart.

That’s kinda my whole point. Billions smoke, yet only millions are affected. Some actually get no ill effects, while other go thru great destruction from smoking.
As you can imagine, heart docs for years have been telling me I must quit. When they saw how much damage my heart had at 31yo., they told me if I didn’t quit, I’d be dead within 10 years. That was 31 years ago. They (the docs) are amazed as I’ve grown collateral arteries to bypass my bypasses, even though I smoke so much. Seems I’m not all that affected by cigarettes. Yet, others are.