How do you make grilled tofu for burritos and tacos?

I love the tofu that I get at Moe’s Southwest Grill in my vegetarian burrito. It is flavorful and nicely browned.

When I try to saute or grill tofu at home it takes forever to brown, and is virtually tasteless. Even when I cut it into small cubes before cooking it seems to still be soggy in the middle when the outside finally browns.

Any suggestions would be appreciated!

Thanks…I will try that. All I’ve done in the past was drain the water from the package, then cut it into cubes.

It makes a difference what kind of tofu you buy; there is silken, soft, firm and smoked. There may be other kinds too, but I can’t think of any. You want the firm or smoked tofu for grilling. Remember tofu has no real taste of its own, so I would saute some garlic and then add the tofu to grill it. It will pick up the garlic taste.

Hey I’m the executive chef for Moe’s! First I would make sure you are using a firm tofu. I would then make sure you are draining and pressing the moisture out - this will help with the browning instead of steaming. You can either marinate the tofu or season it on the grill, at Moe’s we use the southwest vinaigrette and we add it while it’s on the grill, the oil in the vinaigrette helps with the browning! I hope this helps…Welcome to Moe’s!!