How to Cook Fresh Artichoke Recipe

Artichoke is a low-calorie diet rich in anti-oxidants. Minus the butter, for me, this is a perfect healthy vegetarian snack. Plus, it tastes good!

Additionally, Artichoke leaf extract had been known from several researches to ease in indigestion problem. Consumption of artichoke also reduces bad cholesterol level.


1 artichoke head
2 T butter (melted) or olive oil
seasoned salt to taste
black pepper to taste

Preparing the stem. Cut the bottom stem of the artichoke. Peel the stem until you reached the softer part. Slice in half.

Preparing the head. Trim the top part of the head, then cut (using kitchen scissor) the tops of the leaves, which are in the outer part of the artichoke head. You are doing this because such “leaves” could be somewhat sharp.
Place the head and prepared stem on a heavy pot and fill with water about 2” over the artichoke head.

Heat over medium to high heat until it boils, then reduce heat to medium. Continue cooking for up to 45 minutes or more (until the leaves can be pulled out softly, and the meats in its bottom part is soft as well. Set aside.

Preparing the sauce. Season melted butter or oil with seasoned salt and black pepper.

Serving the Artichoke. Start nibbling this goodness by taking out leaves beginning from the outer part. Dip the bottom part of the leaves in the prepared sauce and nibble away except the harder part. Keep going until you reach the middle part. The middle part will have the softer leaves. Continue pulling these out until you are able to open its bottom plate, which is all soft meat (picture below).

I love it when my husband leaves me this part. What a luxury!

Looks really delicious and well photograph