How to cook Pizza on a BBQ grill

How to cook Pizza on a gas BBQ grill. This is amazing:

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I have cooked ready made (store bought) pizza on my grill and they were really good. Had a hint of smoky flavor.


sounds great. Thanks!

Sweet recipe. Waitin’ for summer to roll by so I can crack this one out

That is so cool. I never thought of making a pizza on the BBQ!

wowwwww, It’s so delicious, I want to try making it this weekend. Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

What was that grilled pizza recipe you all commented on?

I have a small table top Weber grill. Would I just place the pizza pan directly on the grate?

Thank you so much for this video. Because my wife like pizza so much and in this month her birthday come. I think what i give her gift. I watch your video plane give this give her. She like pizza so much.

Good call, but there are so many delicious things you can cook on a barbeque - meat, fish, veggies (even bananas slit down the middle and stuffed with chocolate, wrap in foil and chuck on for 10 mins - gooey delish-ness) why on earth would you want to cook a pizza on it!!

Cooking a pizza on a grill would give that smokiness you get from an old fashioned wood burning oven.

Great video shared by you…!!!
I love the way he taught about making Pizza on grill and I will gonna try it very soon…Hope it will cook fine…!!!

We’re very happy that it helped you!

Very Nice , It great on a charcoal grill with wood chips. I have been doing this on and off for years. But I have a totally different way to grill the pizza. I love your video program Ron I want to check that out and perhaps Ill start with My version… Can you really make good Money I have loads of great recipes?

Its sound good that pizza on grill.Interesting idea to share with us.I also wanna try it at home.I love pizza alot in any condition.

Great video! I love BBQ grill

Great video - I’d never thought to try a pizza on the grill but it seems pretty easy and I can imagine the flavor would be great. Definitely will be giving this a go when I next fire up my grill.

Hey friend, thanks for posting video. It is really nice and i was looking for that. I also liked your post.