How to cook sausages for pasta and at what temp?

I have turkey sausages, should I cook them in the oven, or boil them then cook them in the oven? Which would be better? I’ll later cut them in small pieces and mix with my alfredo pasta.

Also what oven temperature and for how long will it take to cook them?

Turkey sausage is so different than pork, coz of the lack of fats. Turkey dries out quickly.
I’ve tried a lot of methods. Here’s what I’ve found best.
Wrap the turkey sausage in foil (ya’ can do them all together in one foil). Bake at 350F (on a tray) for 25 mins. Then place in a fry pan to caramelize (brown slightly)
I then place in the sauce for atleast 20 mins.
Hope it suits your taste.